In-house Design Services

Our in-house design team consists a Technical Director, 4 qualified draughtsman and a logistics assistant.  Our Technical Directors objective is to ensure we specialise in bringing out clients visions to life in the most efficient and effective manner.  Making sure at the same time, we offer a comprehensive service to ensure buildings meet not only their functional aspect, but also the supreme aesthetical requirements.

Sustainability and performance, is also a very important part of our objectives, along with an innovative approach both with regards to design and engineering, to provide the best fenestration solutions for your project.

We at LDG Contracts, will always strive to add value to your project, giving you the best advice possible to achieve added value and best solutions, at the same time keeping on top of construction best practice and the latest product innovations available, in the market place.

Glazing Design Services
Commercial Planning
Glazing Design Services

We ensure our clients and architects are kept up to date throughout the design stage, via electrical communication and face to face design meetings, to ensure the challenges are met and understood by all involved, even visiting site to assist in conducting any required surveys, to overcome and resolve any technical problems, that may deem challenging.

We work with the latest and most up to date software, producing fully comprehensive drawings, showing elevations, plans and sections, taking into account structural calculations to meet the client brief.  We offer a full service to ensure confidence from the beginning to completion of the design stages throughout the contract.