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Project Description

Project: New Elumatec SBZ 122/71 Profile Machining Centre


LDG Contracts recently purchased an Elumatec SBZ 122/71 profile machining centre, to focus on productivity, quality, effiency and precise measurements. The SBZ122 which is user friendly has the latest software, allowing the operative to switch between different preps easily and efficiently. This machine gives precise routing details to ensure mistakes cannot happen and the profile is routed accurately first time round. The SBZ122 tool changes are automatic and quick.

This latest purchase by LDG Contracts also improves and speeds up the machining cycle and improves productivity, even when loading full and long aluminium profile and it travels at 60m/min, faster than ever before.

LDG Contracts continues to keep their eye on manufacturing processes and continues to invest in the latest engineering machinery, to constantly improve the quality of their products in line with market and clients expectations.