Project Description

Project: Greenhaus – Salford
Main Contractor: Eric Wright Construction
Architect: Butress
Status:  Complete


LDG enter world of Passivhaus!

LDG have entered the world of Passivhaus, and it’s fair to say we have been thrown in at the deep end completing Greenhaus for our returning client, Eric Wright Construction.

Using Aluprofs MB-104 Passivhaus system, glazed with triple glazed units to give U.Values as low as 0.53W/m²K.

The excellent benefit of opting for a Passivhaus system is that by providing the latest in insulation technology the building can offer minimum energy usage for both heating and cooling the building, reducing energy consumption by up to 90%, all without negatively affecting the health and well-being of the community.

Delivered by Salix Homes, Designed by Butress, Led by Eric Wright Construction this project has created 96 Passivhaus accredited affordable apartments this is one of the largest Passivhaus projects in the region to date situated in a prime location directly opposite Salford Cathedral we are extremely proud to have put LDG’s name to this.