Structural Glazing

A structural glazed curtain wall is a façade of glass that appears to be seamless where the glass is structurally bonded to an aluminium or stainless steel frame on the inside of the building.

In most cases the glass units are supported by dead load supports fixed to the frames but unsupported systems are also possible.

An unsupported unit would generally require a larger silicone bite, which then single handed supports the glass weight.

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Checks are done to determine the amount of structural silicone required, both on bite and thickness of joint

This should include technical data from the system supplier, glass unit manufacturer, structural sealant applicators and information on how many sides are to be structurally bonded and if the wall is vertical or sloping.
Once this information is gathered with the intended grid system and the wind loading calculations the sealant manufacturer can determine the quantity and the silicon product that’s required to bond the glass to the frame.

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